How to Determine If Your Building Needs a New Roof

roofing worker at sunrise, drilling in shingles

One of the largest nuisance projects for a homeowner is recognizing the need for, and following through on the installation of a new roof. The average roof replacement costs between $5,000-10,000 and lasts an average of 20 years. When prioritized appropriately, and done correctly, a roof replacement can be an incredible investment in a home. […]

How to Know When It’s Time for New Guttering

Orange glove holding gutter debris

It’s raining outside and you’ve noticed an impromptu waterfall over the side of your gutters. Now what? This might be a sign you need to replace your gutters, or at minimum maintenance them. Did you know the majority of foundation, basement, and mold issues that occur in the lower levels of a home come from […]

What Type of Roofing Material Is Right for Your Home?

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If you are in the market for a new roof for a newly built or remodeled house, aesthetics are important. However, what’s also important is cost, weight, and material installation requirements. For Legacy Group Exteriors in Northern Kentucky, it all depends on your situation.  Choosing Materials  It is worth reviewing the variety of materials available […]

What Type of Roofing Material Does Your Home or Commercial Property Need?

legacy group technician installing gutter

In today’s shingle market, there are various types to choose from. New roofs not only add aesthetic beauty to a home or commercial building, but they also offer shelter from storms and climate while reducing your carbon footprint and improving your utility bills. In today’s blog from Legacy Group Exteriors, we explore the different options […]