Doing an internet search for a local contractor can turn up dozens of businesses in your area. You can narrow your search for specific services, but that can still bring up more to choose from than you need. How do you know which one is better than the other? In today’s blog, we will examine the experience and specialties that set Legacy Group Exteriors apart from the competition. 

Years of Experience 

Two decades and two generations. That’s what makes up the experience of Legacy Group Exteriors. We work day in and day out to build solid and beautiful exteriors for residential and commercial buildings. 

Our years of experience encompasses more than just remodeling buildings, but we excel as part of an entire project. Unlike many construction companies and contractors, Legacy takes on the total project from start to finish, choosing windows, doors, paint and roofing, and partners with you to choose the best products, styles, and colors to fit your needs.

Government and Municipal. There are specific requirements to build or renovate government and municipal buildings. Laws and regulations regarding safety and ADA compliance have to be followed. Legacy Group Exteriors has worked on several government buildings successfully. We understand the requirements and can make sure construction is within compliance every step of the way. 

Historic. Not every contractor has the knowledge to renovate historic structures. It requires a special knowledge of how historic buildings were constructed and why. There may be laws in place that have to be followed in order to qualify for historic preservation. Legacy Group Exteriors offers this because we believe structures from the past have a great story to tell that still resonates today. 

Businesses. At Legacy, we understand that the building where you do business is also your brand. It has to reflect what you do and what you stand for. We will partner with you to fully understand what that means to you and then we will work to execute it. 

Residential. When the work day is done, your home should be a place to relax and rejuvenate. It’s a safe harbor from the stresses of work. Your home shouldn’t add it. We renovate and build homes that are made to not only endure the trials of time, but also to offer a home to its inhabitants. 

Ground to Roof 

Many construction companies and home remodelers specialize in one area, such as roofing, siding, framing, or design. For them, this business model works. But at Legacy Group Exteriors, we believe the best projects are the seamless ones. 

This works for two reasons: 

1. Less chance for issues. A contractor who handles every part of your project knows all the intimate details. This company understands what stage the project is in and what it needs to be done. Multiple contractors are more difficult to manage and many may not know how their area is affecting the others. This can make you vulnerable to mistakes and issues. 

2. Unified look. Having one contractor, who is skilled and experienced in total project management, will provide a seamless look to your project from the ground to the roof. 

Commitment to Excellence at Legacy Group Exteriors

At the end of the day, it may be your home or your company’s headquarters, but for Legacy Group Exteriors, it’s our business card. 

Many companies stay in business for 20 years or more, but few can operate that long and carry the sterling reputation that Legacy has. If you have questions about construction or renovation services for residential, municipal, commercial or government buildings, contact Legacy Group Exteriors today.