Why Legacy Group Exteriors is the Go-To Pick For Commercial Construction

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In the world of commercial construction, it can be challenging to find high-level customer service, excellent quality workmanship, and proper protection for your product.  Our team of industry professionals understands this at Legacy Group Exteriors. We’re here to ensure that your commercial build supersedes all expectations. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why we are the […]

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Renovate? Legacy Group Exteriors Explains

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Our homes are safe spaces, castles, and jumping-off points for ideas and dreams. We understand this at Legacy Group Exteriors and why it is essential for all homeowners to feel comfortable in their space. Through time the itch arises to innovate and grow the home as the family does. As the dreams begin for a […]

How To Determine Which Siding Is Best For Your Commercial Build


Commercial investments are an excellent idea for any entrepreneur interested in entering the commercial real estate market. Part of this includes refinishing current commercial builds or breaking ground on newly purchased land. In this process, choosing the right siding style/design is essential to compliment the intended use for the space. We understand this at Legacy […]

How to Determine If Your Building Needs a New Roof

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One of the largest nuisance projects for a homeowner is recognizing the need for, and following through on the installation of a new roof. The average roof replacement costs between $5,000-10,000 and lasts an average of 20 years. When prioritized appropriately, and done correctly, a roof replacement can be an incredible investment in a home. […]

How to Know When It’s Time for New Guttering

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It’s raining outside and you’ve noticed an impromptu waterfall over the side of your gutters. Now what? This might be a sign you need to replace your gutters, or at minimum maintenance them. Did you know the majority of foundation, basement, and mold issues that occur in the lower levels of a home come from […]

Tips for Proper Drainage of Your Gutters and Downspouts

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Poor drainage puts your house at risk of severe flooding. Even if you install a sewage pump, water will seep into the basement of your home if there is no effective drainage channel. A proper roof runoff system can divert water from the paved area to the storm drainage system, and most importantly, it can […]

What Type of Roofing Material Is Right for Your Home?

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If you are in the market for a new roof for a newly built or remodeled house, aesthetics are important. However, what’s also important is cost, weight, and material installation requirements. For Legacy Group Exteriors in Northern Kentucky, it all depends on your situation.  Choosing Materials  It is worth reviewing the variety of materials available […]

Key Elements of Gutter Design by Legacy Group Exteriors

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Want to install gutters on your home but at a loss for where to start? At Legacy Group Exteriors, we pride ourselves in being experts on complete exterior construction services and we know what’s needed to make sure you have an effective gutter system. If you’re going to have gutters professionally installed or renovated, here […]

Why Vinyl Siding Represents a Great Choice for Your Home

new siding and windows installed in an apartment building

Vinyl siding is a durable form of plastic that replicates the look of other residential siding materials like wood or even stone. It comes in several different styles and colors and is a popular siding material for many reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why many homeowners choose vinyl siding over other siding […]