Creating Your Dream Home? Legacy Covers The Do’s and Don’ts of Residential Construction Renovation

Building a dream home is one of the most exciting milestones in many people’s lives. Everybody knows they’ve made it when they can own a home they’ve had nestled in the back of their minds from a young age. 

Legacy Group Exteriors understands this, and we want to support your home-building dreams. That is why for today’s blog, we’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts of home building for you to refer to as you begin.


  • Seek outside opinions/help.
    • Believe it or not, building a home is a skil,l and there are many qualified builders and contractors who are prepared to walk you through the process. Don’t try to do it yourself unless you have verified home building experience, and are confident to live with the negative consequences that may come from inexperience.  
  • Expect at least one delay.
    • Inclement weather, unexpected financial hardship, permit restrictions, whatever it is, there will always be something that comes along. It’s important to remember this and to trust those who are handling the build of your dream home. 
  • Have Patience.
    • When bringing your dreams to fruition, it’s important to consider the fact that everybody is human. Have grace with yourself in this process. The excitement of building your home can often blind you to the fact that everybody is doing their best in this process. This includes you. 


  • Plan for the short-term. 
    • A home is a long-term plan, which means it requires investment. Don’t close yourself off to the opportunity to allow your design skills to shine in the building process.
  • Pick the wrong architect/building technician.
    • This one feels obvious, but more often than expected people will stick with an architect they aren’t sure about out of obligation to finish the project versus picking someone they will work well with. 
    • When you’re interviewing architects, ask to see previous projects. If you like what you see, chances are you’ll enjoy the home they design for you. 
  • Forget to dream big.
    • Your home is your home. Take the chance to pitch those hidden dreams to your architect and see what they can come up with. Want a Harry Potter closet at the bottom of your stairs? How about an art studio on your back deck? Throw it out there and you’ll be surprised at the opportunities that arise. 

Legacy Group Exteriors: Your Next Residential Construction Partner

 Legacy Group Exteriors wants to help you build a home that will outlast the century. We can help you consider all angles and conclude what works best for you. We’ve built a reputation rooted in excellence with a customer-centered approach, the highest-quality materials, and an eye for detail in our process.  Contact us today for more information.