Our homes are safe spaces, castles, and jumping-off points for ideas and dreams. We understand this at Legacy Group Exteriors and why it is essential for all homeowners to feel comfortable in their space. Through time the itch arises to innovate and grow the home as the family does. As the dreams begin for a new structure, another bedroom, a new den, etc., the homeowner is often unsure when to follow through. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some ways to help homeowners determine the best times to renovate their homes.

Damage To Exterior or Interior of Home

Nature is beautiful, inspiring, and sometimes downright dangerous. Storms, tornados, hurricanes, and wear over time often lead to damage to the home’s exterior. Unacknowledged water leaks can lead to mold or interior damage. 

If you have noticed recently that your home has received damage during a storm, or have found mold in parts of your home from moisture, then this is a perfect time for you to consider renovating that space. Not only is it best for the overall health of the family, but it is an excellent excuse to get on the new gutter trend your neighbors are embracing or a new family theatre for your teens to enjoy. 

Out of Date Aspects

Remember shag carpet? What about oak kitchen cabinets? We’ve all had the moment where we look at some of our interior furnishing options from our youth and thought, “Why was this ever cool?” Did you know that the exterior of your home has design aspects that date it? 

Exterior design choices like glass blocks for windows, multi-colored exterior siding, multi-colored roof shingles, and columns on houses immediately date a house as out of style. If you’re looking for an excuse to spruce up your home exterior, use the current housing trends!

Long Term Plans to Sell

Renovating a property will always increase its resale value. Many individuals choose to do this if they know they will only be in a home for a few years. Doing an aesthetic touch-up by replacing your siding or adding a new roof will provide a better ROI and give you a higher profit. This could then be used as a down payment for your next home or for other purposes you see fit.

Call Legacy Group Exteriors For Your Next Renovation

If you need assistance with your next renovation project, we can help. We will take care of the entire process. All you need to worry about is what color shingles you want on top of your home. A new home is a new chapter. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you. At Legacy Group Exteriors, our promise is always quality service and a job well done. Contact us today for a quote.