How To Determine Which Siding Is Best For Your Commercial Build

Commercial investments are an excellent idea for any entrepreneur interested in entering the commercial real estate market. Part of this includes refinishing current commercial builds or breaking ground on newly purchased land. In this process, choosing the right siding style/design is essential to compliment the intended use for the space. We understand this at Legacy Group Exteriors and will discuss how to determine the best siding for your commercial build in today’s blog. 

Location, Location, Location

With investment opportunities that include a pre-established site or building onto one, considering that site’s style is highly recommended. Having a property stand out for the best reasons is essential, and this includes considering any pre-existing restrictions that could exist on the property. If your site is attached to another site you do not own, checking to ensure there are no currently required site limitations is a wise choice. 

It is also important to look at where the location sits both geographically and demographically. If you notice a trend in vinyl siding in an area that receives a lot of rain, it is wise to consider this option versus wood. 


How a material withstands time, and the elements is also an important consideration when choosing commercial siding. In the construction industry, siding is often chosen based on its durability, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance. Vinyl siding is often the most popular choice against wood or brick. This is because of how easy it is to clean and maintain. Wood usually requires recoating for water leaks and cleaning. Brick does not have direct cleaning requirements but can result in water leaks and damage if the shifting foundation causes the mortar to crack.  

Style & Taste

Considering the intended use for the space, geographical location, and the area’s demographics is highly important in executing a successful commercial build. Many shopping center buildings look similar to each other to create a familiar and easy buying experience for the intended visitors. 

Personal preference is always important to consider as well. After considering maintenance of the siding, any aesthetic requirements, and the intended use for the space, why not take a little pride in your investment and make a choice you favor on the siding? This is a project that is meant to last a lifetime.

Are You Needing Help Deciding on Siding? Call Legacy Group Exteriors

It’s exciting to be part of a commercial build project. We understand this at Legacy Group Exteriors. We can help you consider all the angles and conclude what works best for you. We’ve built a reputation rooted in excellence with a customer-centered approach, the highest-quality materials, and an eye for detail in our process.  Contact us today for more information.