How to Know When It’s Time for New Guttering

Orange glove holding gutter debris

It’s raining outside and you’ve noticed an impromptu waterfall over the side of your gutters. Now what? This might be a sign you need to replace your gutters, or at minimum maintenance them. Did you know the majority of foundation, basement, and mold issues that occur in the lower levels of a home come from […]

Tips for Proper Drainage of Your Gutters and Downspouts

legacy group technician installing gutter

Poor drainage puts your house at risk of severe flooding. Even if you install a sewage pump, water will seep into the basement of your home if there is no effective drainage channel. A proper roof runoff system can divert water from the paved area to the storm drainage system, and most importantly, it can […]

Key Elements of Gutter Design by Legacy Group Exteriors

stone work siding on home with custom craftsman finishes

Want to install gutters on your home but at a loss for where to start? At Legacy Group Exteriors, we pride ourselves in being experts on complete exterior construction services and we know what’s needed to make sure you have an effective gutter system. If you’re going to have gutters professionally installed or renovated, here […]

Need New Guttering? Choose the Style That’s Right For Your Home

stone work siding on home with custom craftsman finishes

Choosing a new gutter system for your home sounds simple enough. And then you start to look at the shapes, styles and colors and it quickly becomes overwhelming. There are some simple rules to follow when choosing the right gutter for your home and neighborhood. Legacy Group Exteriors explains in today’s blog.  The Style  If […]